Preparatory classes for ‘grandes ecoles’


The Ecole Centrale of Casablanca will be accessible through three channels:

  • The Supélec Centrale International Cycle, accessible to students who are officially admitted to this cycle by their CPGE. The tests take place in Morocco as well as in other countries (Lebanon, Tunisia, Gabon, etc.). A total of 55 seats are available in MP (mathematics and physics) or PSI (physics and engineering science) majors. To consult the leaflet:
  • Centrale Supélec Competition in France, whose tests are held in France. A total of 40 seats in MP, PC, PSI and TSI (technology and engineering science) are available. To consult the leaflet:
  • The Moroccan National Common Test (NCT) which is held in Morocco. A total of 30 seats are offered in MP, PSI and TSI majors. Access through the NCT is reserved for candidates who did not show up at Centrale Casablanca through Centrale Supélec test or the International Cycle test. To download the complete NCT file Click here


The candidates who pass the written International Cycle’s or Centrale Supélec’s tests will be able to sit for the oral exams either in the Paris region or in Casablanca. Since 2016 the Oral Test Center at the Ecole Centrale of Casablanca has become a center for oral examinations, for all CentraleSupelec tests.

Candidates eligible for the French five Ecoles Centrale, Casablanca Centrale and Supélec, may conduct their oral tests in Morocco.


Details on enrollment are available on the test leaflet: