Pedagogical Principles

A high-level generalist engineers, Centrale Casablanca graduates are at the forefront of science and technology. Their mission is to innovatively respond to the challenges of 21st century society with all its complexity.


Based on CentraleSupélec school model, the engineering program that covers three years culminates in a Moroccan State-recognized diploma that is also recognized as a French State-recognized engineering diploma.

Depending on the number of places available, the candidates who wish to do so will have the possibility of a 12-month break between the 2nd and 3rd year, to work in a company or in a laboratory belonging to the Écoles Centrales group network (composed of six institutions in France).

Besides the essential scientific fundamentals, the Ecole Centrale of Casablanca emphasizes the importance of active pedagogies and the link with the business world:

  • Project-based pedagogy, throughout the school years, on topics proposed by partner companies;
  • Multidisciplinary mindedness and systemic approach to complexity, to overcome disciplinary divisions, and to address the most complex social issues of our time;
  • Differentiated and modular curricula that take into account each student’s specificities;
  • Substantial experience in the business world, in the form of long-term internships, with dedicated support that is fully integrated into the apprenticeship curriculum;
  • Compulsory international experience, in the form of at least a 6-months class or internship abroad, mainly in the Ecoles Centrales group in France, China or India;
  • Tutoring and mentoring, to develop soft skills and carry out a personal project;
  • Digital technology in teaching: collaboratively with the network of Ecoles Centrales students;
  • Facing ambiguity, uncertainty, and the complexity of real-world problems;
  • Active involvement in the design of lessons, participatory approach, flipped classrooms.