CentraleSupélec, an International Vision

A strategy to take up globalization challenges
École CentraleSupélec is one of the world’s top educational institutions and is one of the leading engineering schools in the world. To strengthen this competitiveness, CentraleSupélec has launched a development strategy based on three main strands:


The merger between the two major Paris engineering schools, Centrale and Supélec, has led to the establishment of an institution capable of delivering some 1,000 engineering degrees per year, as well as 700 Master’s degrees, Specialized Master’s and PhD degrees. The new CentraleSupélec project has allowed for the achievement of a critical size equivalent to that of the best international engineering schools in the world.


Based at the Université Paris Saclay, which is house to nearly 20 leading institutions in the south of Paris (Polytechnique, HEC, Universite d’Orsay etc.), CentraleSupélec relies on a large group of internationally outstanding universities particularly in terms of research. Publications under the single brand University Paris Saclay will thus lead to greater visibility in international rankings. The ambition is to place the university among the TOP 20 of the best institutions in the world.

International Network of Centrale Schools

In order to promote ‘Centrale’ brand internationally, the groups envisions opening Ecoles Centrales in emerging countries and continents that will be of great importance tomorrow. It is in this spirit that the École Centrale of Pékin opened in 2005, Mahindra-Ecole Centrale in Hyderabad in India in 2014 and the Ecole Centrale of Casablanca in September 2015. Closely linked to Centrale Paris, these schools are likely to attract the best students from these countries, and thereby globalize the brand “Centrale”.