Director’s Editorial

Ghita Lahlou

“The Ecole Centrale of Casablanca is the first broad-based engineering school in Morocco. It is part of the international network of ‘Ecoles Centrales’ (France, China, India and Morocco) whose innovative pedagogy aims to train high-level scientific engineers who are imbued with a multidisciplinary culture and a great openness on the world.

Centrale training provides sophisticated scientific input in addition to essential international experience. It is also structured on the basis of its proximity to large companies and multinationals. Finally, it values the personal development of student-engineers, strengthening both their interpersonal skills and know-how.

Centrale engineers are distinguished by their ability to appreciate complexity, innovation, social responsibility and cultural diversity. They enjoy a versatility that nurtures their performance in the management of large-scale projects whose size and complexity respond to global challenges.

Centrale Casablanca is thus positioned as a pan-African university hub, perfectly integrated into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Maghreb-Africa region, providing access to the international network of other Ecoles Centrales for better scientific research on a global scale. Its main objective is to train today the leading elites of tomorrow’s Africa.”

Ghita Lahlou
Director of the Ecole Centrale of Casablanca

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