Studying Abroad

Centrale Casablanca is the right place for students to start their studies in a Moroccan school, while giving themselves the opportunity to fulfill an international curriculum. In fact, Centrale Casablanca is a school that is both fully Moroccan and totally connected to the world.

Every graduate of the Ecole Centrale Casablanca must have gone through an international experience of at least six months. This experience can be carried out advantageously in the other Ecoles Centrales.

In addition, students, wishing to, will have the opportunity to pursue longer courses abroad for up to two full years.

Centrale Casablanca Students Offered Four Mobility Ways

1. One semester abroad, particularly in another Ecole Centrale

The credits acquired during this semester will be validated as part of Centrale Casablanca curriculum. A particularly attractive semester long program is the Digital Tech Break offered at CentraleSupélec Paris. It is a team project, carried out for a company, with a deadline and professional conditions. This project provides for the creation of an innovative object, or a business in disruption, in the digital field. Project teams bring together executives from companies and students. The program also includes an intensive programming training.

2. A third year in one of the Ecoles Centrales, culminating in a Master’s Degree

This formula will allow students to have access to most of Écoles Centrales’ 3rd year options, in France and in China, and to validate this international experience with a specific degree. For example, Centrale Casablanca students wishing to pursue the Industrial Engineering option at CentraleSupélec Paris will be able to validate the Master’s in Complex Systems Engineering at Paris Saclay University.

3. A double engineering degree with another Ecole Centrale

These courses generally last for four years: for example the research path with CentraleSupélec Paris and Centrale Marseille in preparation for the careers of a scientific researcher, or even the double degree engineer/Master with Centrale Pékin.

4. A double degree with a partner University of the Ecoles Centrales group

For example, the double degree in engineering offered by Centrale Casablanca with Georgia Tech, passing through Morocco, France and the USA.