International Network of Ecoles Centrales


The Ecole Centrale of Casablanca is fully integrated into the ecosystem of the French and international Ecoles Centrales: Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Lille, as well as Beijing (2005), Hyderabad in India (2014) and finally Casablanca (2015).

Open on the world, CentraleSupélec thus receives more than 30% of international engineering students, about 300 a year. Tomorrow, CentraleSupélec Paris, Centrale Casablanca, Centrale Beijing and Centrale Hyderabad will graduate some 1,500 engineers a year, 750 of them non-French (200 in Morocco, 200 in India, 100 in China, 250 in France).

The long term vision of the Ecoles Centrales Group is to offer the students of all the Group’s schools the possibility of courses that are entirely international. This is expected to become one of the distinctive competencies of the Ecoles Centrales Group in the world of tomorrow.

The partner universities of Centrale Casablanca can rely on the network of partner schools of the other Ecoles Centrales and in particular the TIME network which was co-founded by CentraleSupélec Paris to offer students international double degree courses, most often in four years: The first two years in Casablanca and the last years in the partner institution.

Centrale Casablanca and Georgia Tech, one of the top engineering colleges in the US (top five), are developing a partnership agreement allowing Centrale Casablanca students, after spending two years in Morocco, to complete a three-semester break at Georgia Tech : An academic semester at Georgia Tech Lorraine (France); an internship semester in France or the USA; and an academic semester at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (USA). At the end of this course, students will be able to obtain the double diploma of a Centrale engineer and a Master’s in Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Double Degree

The double degree is now a benchmark in the world of higher education. It allows students to acquire solid fundamentals (in Casablanca, students follow a purely centrale pedagogy and become fully ‘centralian’), along with opening up to different countries, cultures and types of education.

The quality of a school’s international partnerships reflects its quality and its international visibility. For students, the double degree guarantees employability beyond national borders and facilitates the development of global careers.

The 3A GI Option is visiting us

We have had the opportunity to host the 3A GIs of CentraleSupélec Paris debut at the beginning of April. Centrale Casablanca students and the industrial engineering major students from Centrale Paris worked together on 10 key questions:
1. Why is innovation vital to Morocco and Africa? And on what concrete subjects by sector of activity?
2. Why is the French industry non-transferable to Morocco and Africa? What are the reasons?
3. Why should I create my own company or launch an innovative project within my company?
4. What do I need to do to make a school networkfunctional?
5. How to make the most of international experience?
6. How to be effective when working in a multicultural team? What are the risks of working from distance?
7.What tools can be used to model the circular economy of a village? What ideas for duplicating this model on a large scale?
8. What questions should be asked to find a dream internship?
9. What can I, as a young engineer, do to advance my business in terms of CSR, based on the experiences that you, 3A students, have had during the three-semester break?
10. What new product/service do I dream of offering in Morocco and Africa? Why? What challenges will I confront?

These workshops provided an opportunity for in-depth discussions on the differences in terms of points of view, issues and challenges between France and Africa.
It was also an opportunity for the 1st year students at Centrale Casablanca to benefit from the experience of 3rd year students who had spent a one-year break on questions related to their orientation.