Corporate chairs and partnership research

Chairs in operation:

Open Lab Peugeot Citroën

Signed in February 2016, the Chair brings together PSA Peugeot Citröen and several Moroccan academics. Centrale Casablanca manages the piloting of the Open Lab supply chain.

The French carmaker PSA will open a factory in Morocco by the year 2019. The PSA factory, to be built in Morocco, will be based on “factory of the future” model. The group has launched an innovation laboratory in Morocco, focusing on green energy and the electric vehicle in Africa: PSA Open-Lab “Sustainable Mobility for Africa”.
The Ecole Centrale of Casablanca is a partner in this project which brings together five Moroccan universities and two American universities operating in Morocco. The three main topics are: electrical mobility, renewable energy and supply chain. Centrale Casablanca is in charge of “Supply Chain”, which is very important for the PSA group. This latter is aware that a new way of organizing material and information flows is needed upstream, internally and downstream.

This organization should serve the new product/process design modes in line with the requirements of the vehicle of the future (electric mobility, connectivity, and technological and societal impact). It should also be built with maximum local integration (development of local partners and suppliers) and with a resilient supply chain perspective (scenarios that reconcile cost effectiveness and responsiveness).

Chairs being constituted:

Social Entrepreneurship Chair:

The aim of this chair is to support social enterprises: these are enterprises whose main purpose is to provide social services (education, care, etc.), or whose management gives priority to the well-being of stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.). This chair will give special importance to student projects and the world of associations.

Operational Excellence Chair
This chair aspires to bring together companies hoping to optimize their operational processes: Lean management, supply chain, global efficiency, digital factory, etc.

These companies can come from the industrial sector or process services (banks, insurance companies, etc.).
These are current issues par excellence, since the wave of digital innovation that we are witnessing is revolutionizing operational processes.

Renewable Energy Chair
This chair aims to provide systemic approaches to the sector of renewable energy in Morocco, and in particular the integration of renewable energy into the Moroccan energy system. It seeks to come up with innovative models to deal with the problems raised by the development of the sector in Morocco: production management, network optimization and smart grids, use modification and social acceptance, etc.

Smart Cities Chair:
This chair aims to apply the systemic approach to the modeling, design and development of new sustainable cities. It will integrate the architectural, social, urban and economic aspects, putting emphasis on interactions between all these dimensions.