Student’s Scientific Projects

As soon as they start the first year, engineering students are immersed into a cycle of initial conferences on the main challenges facing the 21st century, and then develop, throughout the year, these challenges through projects proposed by the school’s partner companies.

Through these scientific projects, students give meaning to their future as engineers, as they are confronted with the century’s major challenges.

As part of training socially responsible engineers, this activity is also the first contact with project-based learning, team work, and the development of a transversal approach to technical, economic and marketing problems. This is done with the direct involvement of companies.

Major Themes

Projets scientifiques 

Energy and Networks
The high prices and scarcity of fossil fuels now requires all countries to rethink their energy production, distribution and consumption. This holds particularly true for Morocco and Africa, which face either the challenges of decreasing fossil resources or the necessity of developing renewable energies, and in both cases solving major economic, technological and scientific problems.

The societal economy  
Bridging social divides can no longer be limited to the actions taken by associations based on altruism and donations. Social entrepreneurship, even if not very lucrative, can attract investors and give a significant boost to the efforts made to solve this problem. There is a need for imagination, both in terms of the economic models to be developed, and the sciences, techniques and innovations to be implemented.

Territories: adapted and sustainable construction
Today, eco-cities are one of the key aspects in the development of emerging countries. Their success entails multiple scientific and technical factors, often involving studies of flows (such as transportation, migration, energy, cultural networks, etc.) and requiring a systemic approach.

Change Management
Economic development in emerging countries often entails change in companies. These profound changes must take into account a large number of human, economic, technical and cultural factors whose theorization remains difficult without the implementation of models based on practitioners’ feedback.

Examples of Complex Projects

Projets scientifiques

Water problems at Oumjrane mine (Managem).
Problems of keeping land in Oumjrane (Managem).

Electric vehicles: towards a better integration of renewable energy into the smart grids of tomorrow (MASEN).

Companies’ transformation
Control of white sugar grain size and ways for improvement (Cosumar).
Logistics for the collection of sugar plants (Cosumar).
Studying the logistics in the depth of Draa lasfar (Managem).
Separating zinc, copper and lead in Guemassa (Managem).

Theory of information
Statistical and behavioral models for detecting fraudulent payment transactions (HPS).
Impact of information and communication technologies on society and its organization (Valyans).

Social Entrepreneurship
Supporting small farmers (Cosumar).